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 Lachie's story 

Lachie was a person who effortlessly lit up every room he walked into. He was humble, generously spirited and a lover of life. Unfortunately, Lachie's life took a sudden turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with Stage 3 Bowel Cancer at the age of 36.

Lachlan Kean

Lachie was a typical 36-year-old Sydney-sider happily married with his wife and son. He loved all things sport, travel, spending time with family and didn't mind a cheeky beverage with friends. 


In May 2022, Lachie started experiencing unusual symptoms – pain, constipation, and blood in his stools. Concerned, he visited his local GP, hoping for a simple solution. The doctor's initial diagnosis was reassuring: it was just constipation. Lachie was advised to take laxatives and sent on his way.

Weeks passed, but the symptoms persisted, worsening with each passing day. Sleep became elusive as the pain worsened. Lachie knew something was terribly wrong. Seeking a second opinion, he consulted another GP who recognised the urgency of the situation. Without delay, Lachie was advised to head to ED.


Only hours later, Lachie received the devastating news – it was something far more sinister than he could have ever imagined. After weeks of staging, scans, and a colonoscopy, the truth emerged, and Lachie was diagnosed with stage 3 bowel cancer. The doctors suspected it had been silently growing within him for nearly a year. 

Lachie's life quickly became consumed by the relentless onslaught of medical treatments. Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery – these became his new companions, which left life-changing symptoms and impacts on his body - this became his daily struggle.


As March 2023 approached and Lachie neared his 37th birthday, a cruel revelation came crashing down. The cancer had spread to other parts of his body, and the once-promising prospects of a cure faded into the distance.

Lachie was determined to live as normal of a life as he could. He fought bravely and took every opportunity he could to see his friends, spend time outside with his son and travel -even when the odds were overwhelmingly stacked against him. His battle was a testament to his love for life.

In September 2023, at the age of 37, Lachie's battle came to an end. 

In honour of Lachie's enduring legacy, a group of friends and loved ones banded together to create the Lachlan Kean Foundation.


Their mission was clear – to raise greater awareness of this devastating disease amongst younger adults like Lachie and make a meaningful impact on the community. 

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